Harvesting Time
The Days in Henan

I went to the `May 1 Square'(五一广场) after breakfast. The shopping mall we went to two nights ago was under the Square.

There were people doing morning exercise. Some children were playing the Shaolin Gongfu. Some adults were playing Taiji. There was another group of people playing `Taiji Fan'.

There was a large wall with a series of statues engravings. There were Zhoukou historical celebrities, Fuxi and Nuwa, and Shennong legends.

After watching those statues, I recalled that I read those stories in my primary school textbook.

I learned the love of Jesus and the compassion of Shakyamuni when I was at Primary. Why was only Shakyamuni remained in my mind until years later then I met with Jesus?

We were very excited today because we went to Xuewen's hometown. Instead of helping him, I think we slow down the harvesting.

When we were at the field, the work of farmers had been interfered with. Many of us had not seen the wheat field. We started to pose in front of the camera by wearing the farmer hat and holding sickle.

I did not take any picture because I was in Gelang Patah of Malaysia about 30 years ago. The cultivation for almost a year had become a memory.

I was more interested to see those lovely children around us. I wished to have a dozen of children many years ago. But the policy of `Stop at Two' ruined my dream. It had been bothering me for many years until my only son grew up about five years ago. The government now tries to encourage people to give birth to more babies, but it was not that effective although there are many benefits for them. Yet we see a few countries still try to follow our footstep!

Xuewen's mother took some ears of wheat and rubbed them to remove the testae. She then gave them to me. Oh! That was the first time I ate wheat kernels, very delicious!

The wheat kernels from the loving hands

Wish that I could have these children

After lunch, we visited the Mingdao Temple and the Taihao Mausoleum.

Mingdao Temple

Mingdao Temple is in Luyi County of Laozi's hometown in Henan Province. It was built in the Han Dynasty, flourished in the Tang and Song Dynasties. It is the great ancient Chinese thinker, philosopher, Lao Tzu, founder of Taoist school of the Missionaries of the commemorative lecture complex.

The present Mingdao Temple was built in accordance with the Guangxu historical records. It was then restored and reconstructed in 2004. It consists of a few large scale building complex of substantial content.

Touring Mingdao Temple is as explore the source of the Taoist spiritual journey that leaped over several historical stages.

Taihao Mausoleum

Taihao Mausoleum is the temple of Taihao Fuxi's tomb. It is in Huaiyang County, Henan Province and is to the north of Longhu Scenic Area. It is a state-level key heritage conservation units as well as one of China's 18 famous mausoleums.

This is the mausoleum of the "ancestor of humanity" of the Chinese nation. Hence, it is called "Tianxiadiyi Mausoleum", the first mausoleum of the world. It is an ideal place of interest for the Chinese to visit and the Holy Land for them to look for their roots.

The Mausoleum was constructed according to the Eight Diagrams, the traditional Yin and Yang philosophy. It was the isolated case of the Chinese imperial palace-style large-scale mausoleum. The Mausoleum is 750 meters in length from north to south, covers an area of 875 mu, a traditional unit of area (1 mu=0.0667 hectares). It consists of outer-city, inner-city, and Forbidden City, the "Three Imperial City". There are dozens of buildings in the main north-south through the vertical axis line. If the doors of the buildings at north and south are open, we can see through from the first door of the south building throughout the enormous tomb of Fuxi in the Forbidden City. It is known as the "Ten Doors Reflect On Each Other".

We had the steamboat dinner with Pastor Ma. Pastor Ma gave us a welcome dinner at the Manor Shen Nong when we arrived. Although we would meet again tomorrow, it was considered as a farewell dinner tonight.

In the past few days when talking to Ma priest, I observed Pastor Ma. From his stable temperament, moderate tone, and modest guidance, I saw him as a good leader.

When he proposed a toast to the guests at the Manor Shen Nong, I was rather hesitated as I could not take any wine. As he came to me, he said: 'You pick up the vegetable soup.' While I took up the vegetable soup as the wine to response to his toast, I was finally relaxed after the tension accumulated for many weeks.

Before going to Chaozhou four years ago, the former Cultural Officer of Chaozhou City came to Singapore. He told me the tea culture in Chaozhou when he knew that I would be going to Chaozhou the following year. It made me feel comfortable when I experience the tea culture in Chaozhou. I respected him so much that I visited him the two times when I went to Chaozhou.

Pastor Ma was amiable. He made me feel at home. When he told me about Fuxi and Nuwa, I did not recall that I learned those stories when I was at primary school. Only when I saw the statues at the May square this morning and in the Taihao Mausoleum, I understood what he meant. At the same time, I also thought of the days when I was in the Bible College, I learned about missionaries spending their lives in China. I understand that Pastor Ma is a beloved person of God.

When Pastor Ma told me that he had the confidence to let me handle the maintenance of the website, I accepted the responsibility with joyce. I remembered Pastor Magne also encouraged me to continue with the Internet Ministry.

When Xuewen proposed a toast at lunch, I picked up my cup of soy milk. He said that we were close to each other. I was moved and I realised that where God wants me to move forward to with courage.

God is great! God is good!

Taichi Fan Kernels of Love

Bible said: "spiritual people can see through everything" (1 Corinthians 2:15).
We share with those who have good example will help us in understanding God's will.